Patrick Knowles Art

About me

Born in Lynchburg, VA in 1938. Educated in Lynchburg Public Schools and graduated from E.C. Glass in 1958. A self-taught artist, Patrick has drawn and painted off and on from early childhood. Upon retirement he has had more time to devote to realizing a lifelong dream of painting on a daily basis.

Patrick has been blessed to be able to participate in the rich art scene in Lynchburg and the surrounding areas. He currently exhibits and participates in art shows throughout Virginia. He also sells originals and prints to private collectors and institutions. Having spent years enjoying the mountains, fields and streams of his native state, Patrick’s primary artistic interest is in scenes from nature and the natural world.

Patrick’s work captures the spirit and mood of the great outdoors and its creatures. Through his artwork, he hopes to share the pleasure he derives from trying to create a credible copy of God’s great handiwork.

Spending his time re-creating the beauty of the Virginia Mountains and more, Patrick Knowles is an award winning artist who specializes in oils and acrylics.

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